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Anapa Biotech presents poster on fast PCR using TINA at ASHG

Anapa Biotech presents poster on fast PCR using TINA at ASHG

Anapa Biotech A/S will present a poster entitled "TINA modified primers allows faster PCR" in the Clinical Genetic Testing section, poster number 2028F at the annual American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting in Baltimore, October 6 - 10.

Rapid testing is important for the clinical relevance of many diagnostic assays. As PCR has become the leading technology for molecular diagnostics, increasing PCR speed has become important. Often, the efficiency of PCR-based clinical diagnostic assays using DNA hybridization techniques are limited by the dissociation of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) antiparallel duplex helices. This situation can be improved by addition of DNA stabilizing molecules such as nucleic acid intercalators. Here, we report the synthesis of a novel ortho-Twisted Intercalating Nucleic Acid (TINA) which increases efficiency of PCR primers and allows significantly shorter PCR cycling time.

By incorporating TINA in the 5’ region of PCR primers, assay time for routine assays for infectious agents such as MRSA, can be reduced significantly while retaining PCR specificity and efficiency, where DNA-based assays fail. 

About Anapa Biotech

Anapa Biotech A/S, former QuantiBact A/S, develops molecular tools to enhance the performance of natural nucleic acids in PCR based assays as well as hybridization. Our technology offers improvement to areas like human and veterinary diagnostics, food and feed quality and safety, environmental surveillance and general scientific research. For more information, visit the new website at www.anapabiotech.com.


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Vecata Invest A/S is an investment company managing the venture investments of the Bagger-Sorensen Group. The company invests primarily in Life Science, IT, and technology companies. For more information, visit their website at www.vecata.com.


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