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In our news section, you will find an overview and content of events Anapa Biotech have attended or will be attending as well as publications, posters, presentations and press releases distributed by Anapa Biotech.


Meet us at The 4BIO Summit in London

At the qPCR & Digital Congress Anapa Biotech will present a poster entitled "MeltPlex multiplex PCR" at position q8. The poster presentation describes the design of MeltPlex® probes targeting 17 different hemorrhagic fever viruses in a single PCR tube and the results of testing against artificial DNA targets.


Anapa Biotech presents MeltPlex® - a new multiplexing technology at QPCR 2017

Anapa Biotech has developed the MeltPlex® technology that utilizes a system of labelled Taqman-type probes allowing each to be read out by subsequent melting curve analysis. 5 or more probes can now be analyzed per fluorophore channel totaling more than 20 targets per single tube. We present MeltPlex® for the first time at QPCR 2017 in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany.