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Despite the developments in conventional PCR, the complexity of multiplex Real Time PCR i s still limited due to the lack of sufficient detection channels. To achieve high-end multiplexing capacity on standard Real Time PCR machines, Anapa Biotech A/S has developed the MeltPlex® technology. 

MeltPlex® utilizes a system of fluorescently labeled Taqman-type probes allowing each to be read out by subsequent melting curve analysis. 5 or more probes can be analyzed per fluorophore channel. By utilizing melting curve readout of modified probes – one for each target - the system adds an extra level of specificity to melting curve analysis as well as added multiplexing capacity. PCR reaction and melting analysis is performed without the need to re-open PCR reaction tubes.


MeltPlex® gives faster results at lower cost

  • Achieve single tube PCR detection of 20+ targets
  • Get more answers from a single, scarce sample eg. spinal fluid samples or biopsis
  • Use existing Taqman target seqences
  • Can support syndromic detection - vs single agent tests